The Ecstatic Dance of Healing: Why I Love My Work

The Ecstatic Dance of Healing: Why I Love My Work

Posted on January 18, 2023

I was recently listening to a beautiful song, sung by Snatam Kaur in Spanish - called "Mother's Blessing," the lyrics were a mother's voice to her child,

"retonio mio, esta es la bendicion de tu madre- que nunca olvides a dios"

"My dear child, this is your mother's blessing, that you never forget God, even for a moment."

The song is hauntingly beautiful and I highly recommend listening to it! However, the words "remember" and "forget" kept bumping around in my mind, and I couldn't help thinking that it is not really true that we can ever forget God. We live in God, our true nature is God, how could it be that we ever truly forget?

Recently this song came to mind again, while giving a massage, and a feeling of deep gratitude for the work I do - because my work does not allow me to be anywhere else but in the ecstatic dance between I and you - to walk that narrow path of perfection - and to bring all of myself to the task at hand.

All of my attenuation, all of my strength, all of my presence and vitality.

The art of healing is not a step by step guide with different strokes and techniques and ways to DO something... My work is in listening deeply to the human being on my table... watching and waiting for their breath to deepen, listening to the sensations in my hands and feeling the wild thrill of the innate knowing - how to touch this body right now, where to go, to create a perfect environment for total release, relaxation, a surrender of tension and a letting go by subtle muscles and nervous system.

It is an ecstatic dance, and there is a satisfaction in watching the tissues of the body change, melt, and open, allowing me to touch the deeper musculo-skeletal holding patterns, allowing the nervous system to let go...

The subtle smile.. and that sweet relaxation beneath the eyes when I am finished with a healing session, are such sweet rewards.

Massage therapy and the healing arts bring me directly into the present moment. And my subtle powers of perception are refined with each new body... I continue to learn and grow and make exciting discoveries around the true nature of healing, with each person I touch. Every body is so unique and yet we have so much the same underneath.

I love the work I do. It is not easy, and sometimes it is physically strenuous. But I continue to learn and grow and after almost 15 years of practice, I can say with confidence, that it has made me a better person.

I hope to see you in my office soon, and to study how it is to be alive,

through your body,

in your shoes.

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