Lauren M. Montgomery


“Amrita Vidya Means "Wisdom of the Nectar of Life"

I believe that all beings are perfect and whole, and I see the inherent beauty and strength of this wholeness when I look at living beings and the world around me. I also believe that there is always a way to access this inner power when we are slammed with physical, mental, or emotional blockages through the ins and outs of living our daily lives. Most often, these three health factors are inter-woven, and inter-related. For example, the mental stress of holding a regular job or making a good income can limit our ability to enjoy our lives, which can also backfire in other ways, like affecting our personal relationships or causing physical ailments, aches and pains. Taking the time to care for oneself, whether to address acute or chronic physical pain, or to assess our personal choices in order to make healthy changes to our daily lives, is not a luxury but an investment in our long-term happiness and well-being, and what else could be more valuable?

With over 15 years of experience working with people with different needs, I have learned my role as a healer is not to "do" something to change the body, or to impose my own ideas to teach people how to live their lives.

My role as a healer is in deeply listening. When you really stop to listen to the body, so much can be heard. The subtle rhythms of breath, pulse, circulation of vital fluids, even the bones are very much alive and moving, breathing. I believe many therapists and healers miss valuable information, clues to healing, by imposing a sequence of moves, or a set protocol onto their clients. I have found people to be very similar at a core level, but very different in their exterior nature, the patterns and experiences that have shaped us and made us who we are today. Every body has unique needs and patterns that deserve to be heard! You can really feel the difference, between someone who listens to what you have to say, and someone who is always planning their next words, their next response. The human body has its own intelligence, and can also sense when it is being listened to. My diverse educational background has provided me with a whole spectrum of highly specialized techniques to draw from. I have studied locally and abroad with many well known and respected teachers of various healing modalities, such as Hugh Milne and David Kaminker, of the Milne Institute, Eric Rubin, DC of Northpoint Chiropractic, Janice Gagnon of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage, among others. I hold a huge gratitude to each of these master healers, for healing me, encouraging me, and for offering their time and energy, going above and beyond what I would expect from a teacher, inspiring in me a deep love for the healing work. Through one-on-one instruction, and allowing me the privilege to assist and work with them in their personal practice, I have been given more than I could have ever imagined. What I have gained most from my unique educational background, however, is something much more subtle. The skills and technique provide a necessary framework, but the real work lies in one's ability to deeply listen to another living being. In being heard, we are given the voice to speak. This inner voice is the natural ease and grace with which we are all born.

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